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She will help you improve your sex life and give you advice on how to deal with other issues in your relationship. She knows what steps you need to take to improve your sex life. Great sex is fundamental, and even if the relationship is bad it can still be fixed.

Things you should know about breakup sex

I’ve dumped guys, and I’ve been dumped by guys, and while I used to process the entire emotion by engaging in a random hook up while I was younger, I also had my share of breakup sex.

Important facts you didn’t know about STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are never significant. Even the slightest can hurt you like crazy, and the fact that you have to deal with these causes a type of stigma that you will always carry with you.

How do I come out as gay to my friends and family?

When you first find out that you’re gay, there are a lot of emotions that you get. The first one is usually relief at knowing that you’re now finally comfortable with yourself. Then, you begin to worry about how to break the news to your family, friends, and close colleagues.

Erotic massages for better sex

Every aspect of the human body – and brain – is designed to respond to touch. Given that the largest organ on the body is the skin, the sensitivity is easy to see. Long before we all built the ability to speak, we humans relied on touch as a means of communication things.

How to Set the Right Mood for Sex with your Partner

Sex can be a bit of an exercise sometimes. When you have a partner, and you want to make sure that every experience with you two is fantastic. You need to improve the environment around you and set the right mood.

How to know if you’re good in bed

A sign of a great sexual partner is that he or she is not embarrassed or scared to bring something new to the bedroom every now and then. It could be as simple as sex toys and new sexual acts or something more advanced like introducing a new partner or bringing kinky stuff like BDSM.

The beginner’s guide to rough sex

Rough sex is a little different from what we do during conventional sex, so it’s important that you get consent from your partner before you begin. Whether you’ll be the one doing some of the kinky stuff or it’ll be him, you will both need to be on the same page about it.

The boss chair blowjob position

When it comes to a blowjob, I’ll always recommend that the man lays down – or at least sits. This way, he can be relaxed, take deep breaths, and just enjoy as you suck on his penis and pleasure him.

The biggest myths about sex

Like pretty much everything else that we humans engage in, sex is an activity that causes a lot of people to wonder. Whether it is through having sex or listening to accounts of those who have had it. We tend to ask ourselves questions about the activity and what it must feel like.

Do I need to worry about STDs as a gay person?

A lot of people believe that you can never have sexually transmitted diseases as a gay person. Still, we all know that this isn’t true. Your sexual partner (or partners, as the case may very well be) is (or are) human as well. You must understand that as a gay person, you’re still susceptible to STDs.

The difference in culture preference for PornHub usage

Whether men or women, we all have likely tuned in to PornHub at some point. The pleasure that the site provides, as well as access to some really quality adult entertainment, is almost unparalleled.

The guide to a perfect blowjob

A blowjob is one of the most sexually arousing things you could do to a man while you have sex, but you also need to get things right when you play with a man’s penis. One of the most severe tips you could use on a blowjob is to apply a flicking motion to the frenulum with the tip of your tongue.

Why one-night stands are great

The truth about one-night stands is that they’re actually quite fun. At the end of the day, you understand that you’re still free to hook up with anyone else regardless of how well this one goes.

The quick guide to swallowing cum

The mere thought of swallowing sperm is something that a lot of women don’t seem to be overly comfortable with. But it’s actually a great way to make a blowjob hotter for your partner!

How watching porn can improve your sex life

There are some benefits that porn could have for your sex life that you need to know about. You never know; the key to transforming your time between the sheets could just lie in some PornHub video or more.

Sex problems in long-term relationships

Relationships are a great thing. The time you spend with your partner is supposed to be the best in the world. However, there are instances where sex can be impeded by other factors beyond your control.

An introduction to butt plugs

There’s no gender focus when it comes to the design of butt plugs. This means that they can be used effectively by both men and women without any issues. You man might enjoy using a butt plug because he loves it when his prostate gets stimulated, but the fact that you don’t have a prostate doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be able to enjoy using a butt plug as well.

An introduction to the prostate massage

There are quite a lot of ways that we women get our men to feel amazing orgasms. Since you might want always to have sex and have him penetrate you, some innovative ways could work just as well. One of those is the prostate massage.

How to talk dirty to your partner

Dirty talk is one of the most important tools a woman has in turning her partner on. It plays on the ability of your partner to visualize things and think them up, and it can get him mentally prepared for sex.

How can I quit sexual addiction?

Also known as a hypersexual disorder, sexual addiction means that you participate in repeated acts of a sexual nature, and this has caused some detrimental effects to yo job, relationship, and even your vision of yourself.

Here is some suggestions for new places to have sex on!

Have you ever try to have sex at the kitchen table or the stairway?

How do you know if you’re sexually compatible with someone?

One of the simplest and most important means of knowing that you’re sexually compatible with someone is to check if your sex drives match.

I had a one-night stand, and I regret it now. How do I get over this guilt?

Anyone who has had a one-night stand probably knows the feeling already.

How does sex affect intimacy levels between partners?

The question of sex and its role in keeping intimacy alive in relationships is an essential one.

Is it a bad idea to have breakup sex with your ex?

If you have ever been in the receiving end of dumping, you know that the “We need to talk” routine never really helps anyone.

How can I make BDSM fun for my partner?

To begin with, BDSM is actually a lot of fun on the whole. It is especially thrilling if you are both into it.

How do I overcome the thought of a terrible childhood encounter that is hindering me from having sex?

Sexual harassment is real. The CDC estimates that over 1 in 3 women has been sexually harassed at some point.

How does oral sex lead to an orgasm?

The truth is that oral sex gets the job done. A lot of women can only orgasm when they get their clitoris stimulated by an external force

Sex toys and how enhancing your pleasure helps your relationship

The use of sex toys has been debated across the world, with many people believing that these devices rarely work from a sexual standpoint.

My partner and I choose to abstain for a while, but I’m constantly horny. What can I do to help?

Abstinence is becoming a hot topic among adults in relationships these days, because a lot of people are getting in on it. Abstinence definitely has its benefits as well.

Apart from actual penetration, what are other ways to enhance sexual pleasure?

While penetration is a sure way to keep yourself aroused and pleased in bed, the truth is that there are other ways to achieve some of these qualities as well.

How can I maximize intimacy in sex?

As far as having sex is concerned, the ideal relationship should be a two-way street. Unless you’re in a dom/sub sexual relationship where one person gets all the goodies while the other reaps the pleasure, sex should be equally pleasurable to both parties.

How does penis size affect sexual pleasure?

Hey, we live in 2019. It is no secret that men can overly fixate on the disembodied their penises. Some extreme cases have even led them to getting anxiety disorders.

What are ways that I can boost my sexual stamina?

Sexual stamina and performance go a long way in determining how pleasurable the act is for you and your partner.

Is it necessary that we include foreplay?

Whether or not you don’t like to waste time or you think your partner is not a fan of foreplay, skipping that important lead-up is actually going to decrease the chances you have of getting the maximum pleasure.

I’m a virgin, and I’ve never had sex before. How can I overcome my fear of it?

The first thing you need to understand is that you get to decide what you want to be on the table. It’s your body, and the rules are set by you as well.

Can I have sex while pregnant?

It is possible for you and your man to have had a lot of sex sessions while trying to conceive. Now that you have, you feel a different way about having sex.

I have a partner who isn’t as enthusiastic about sex. What do I do?

While approaching your man about the sexual problem, the first thing you need to do is take care not to address it in the bedroom.

I get generally uncomfortable about sex. What can I do about that?

It is rather understandable to be uncomfortable about sex. Most of the time, people who experience this are more likely to have never experienced sex before, or perhaps they just have some questions.

Can sex fix relationship problems?

If you are currently in a loving relationship, then you should know by now that things will never be perfect at all times.

Can sex be used to help a break up broken heart?

Whenever a relationship ends- especially one which lasted a long while and was looking like it would be the perfect one- the devastation is quite intense.

Why the secret of sex is great communication

If you’re going to have sex, then you will need to communicate about it. It only makes sense, if you think about t; before you speak about sex, you already know that it is a vital part of your relationship that needs to be clarified and entered into with a clear mind.

Why sex is viewed as a taboo by some communities

While we live in a world where sex is seen as a norm between a man and a woman, it always helps to remember that not everyone shares our views on the activity.

The need for sex education and its importance in the society

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk concerning how sex education can help with conquering some of the issues that people grow up to have when they become more sexually active.

8 male actors I would love to have sex with

Every now and then, we women have fantasies about celebrities. Not that we cheat on our men, but there are certain people we know that if given the opportunity, we might not be able to muster enough restraint to say no to.

5 best sex positions of all time

Having sex is one of the hallmarks of a relationship. When the sex is great, you know that a lot of other things in the relationship will be fine.

Sex problem – list of the most common problems in bed in the World

Improving your sex life is something that we all want to do. Everyone desires to be able to enjoy sex and keep their relationships stronger.

10 ways to make your sex life work

Relationships are truly complex tings. There are a lot of things to consider, and you have to ensure that you make things work. Of all the facets of your relationship, however, sex is one of the most significant.

Ways to get excited before sex

Sexual intercourse is great. There is no doubt about that. The feeling of your body pressed against that of your partner is a form of solace in itself, and arousal can only make things better.


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