Makena Keita

Sex Adviser
Makena focuses on the cultural aspects of sex and relationships. She brings an African perspective and addresses issues otherwise easily missed. She is not afraid to talk about what we might think would be a bit taboo.

The guide of the taboo fetish – Cuckold relationship

Have you have heard stories about cuckolds but don’t have much information about it? Here is a brief on the taboo fetish. Cuckold is a fetish in which a man, commonly referred to as the cuckold watches his wife fucking or being fucked by another man.

All you need to know about Birth control

Birth control, also known as fertility control is a method used to prevent pregnancy. The process of planning and using birth control is known as family planning. Birth control methods and devices have been used since ancient times.

Kinky sex toys

Nobody wants a boring sex life. Kinky Sex Toys are for everyone, including couples and men. For toe-curling orgasms, it is always advisable to incorporate sex toys. Owning a unique vibrator has never been this conveniently easy. Here is a small guide for the sassy, kinky, modern and bold individual who isn’t afraid to explore their sexuality.

Is it okay to have period sex?

Women roughly get their periods once a month. However, period sex is considered taboo by most people. Just because you are having your periods does not mean you have to entirely forego sex. Unless it makes you uncomfortable or causes you pain, there is no reason why you should avoid having sex during your monthly periods.

How to be a better lover

Being the best lover that your partner has ever had is the best feeling that one can get. It is important for partners to once in a while, self-evaluate themselves to achieve this dire goal.

All you need to know about Lesbianism

The homosexual relationships between women are called lesbianism. The preference of a woman to show sexual interest with another woman is also described as sapphism or female homosexuality.

How to have amazing sex

Conventional wisdom tells us those female partners are very complicated; emotionally and sexually. Male partners have grown to become better lovers. However, just like a tango, it takes two or more to have sex. For a fantastic sex life, implement the guidelines below.

All you need to know about Sex toys

There is a misconception that sex toys are for single people. Besides, If you are an open-minded person, who loves exploring your sexuality, sex toys can spice up your sex life and relationship.

Kissing tips

Do you remember your first kiss? How was it? Was it memorable? Does the memory make you organ throb with pleasure? I remember mine like it was yesterday.

Best sex toys for couples

There are some of the most awesome sex toys for couples, from the clit and wand vibrators to butt plugs and the lubricants.

Benefits of a sex doll

A sex doll is a type of sex toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. The sex doll may consist of an entire body with a face or just a head, pelvis or another partial body with the accessories for sexual stimulation.

The nasty truth about Gloryhole’s

Are you a kinky guy who enjoys watching Gloryhole porn? Do you jerk off to Gloryhole videos at the comfort of your house

How to have the best phone sex

Are you interested in learning how to have sexy phone sex? You are at the right place. Check out this article to learn a thing or two.

Sexual Problems African Girls Encounter

Being a woman of color is hard, especially when you are from an African origin. I remember when I was growing up, I had no one to discuss the changes that were happening on my body.

The most awkward situations that can happen in bed

Sex should be fun, especially when both parties are into each other. However, at one point you might experience an awkward moment. It does not matter if you are dating the guy or it’s just a one-night stand.


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