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Sexual cultures are as varied and rich in differences as other cultures. Some people have a little more fun in bed than others. In some places, it is ok to be more experimental, while in others the same thing can be a major taboo. Here is where we work out the differences.

The difference in culture preference for PornHub usage

Whether men or women, we all have likely tuned in to PornHub at some point. The pleasure that the site provides, as well as access to some really quality adult entertainment, is almost unparalleled.

Sexual Problems African Girls Encounter

Being a woman of color is hard, especially when you are from an African origin. I remember when I was growing up, I had no one to discuss the changes that were happening on my body.

Why sex is viewed as a taboo by some communities

While we live in a world where sex is seen as a norm between a man and a woman, it always helps to remember that not everyone shares our views on the activity.

Sex problem – list of the most common problems in bed in the World

Improving your sex life is something that we all want to do. Everyone desires to be able to enjoy sex and keep their relationships stronger.

Cultural Aspects of Sex, Where can you go hand in hand?

Human sexuality is the term that refers to ones’ sexual interest in lure to others; it is the ability to have erotic or sexual feelings and experiences.

Latest Questions & Answers

I want to do Sex Act Live with Online Cams, should I?

“I want to enjoy the more dirty, erotic and interesting way for masturbation through online cams.”

Why do I get Premature ejaculation by the clitoris?

Are you also suffering from early and premature orgasm? It does not affect only the partner but also affects the sexual life of a couple.

I never had satisfying sex with my wife. Should I give up?

Many of the couples are not satisfied with each other in their sexual relationship. In common, people go on the bed before sleeping and do sex for three to five minutes and then go for sleeping.

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Adult Toys

Get an inspiring and better sex life … What can’t be better in one’s sex life than adult toys!


Are you wondering about anatomy, sexual activity or what safe sex is? We have the answers.


What are you looking for? Is it a partner for life, a magic flirt or just a fling?


We explain what you can do about it and how to make sure it doesn’t affect your sex-life.


Sometimes it is not so easy to know what to do about love, sex and relationships.

Love & Culture

Sexual cultures are as varied and rich in differences as other cultures.


No matter how we live our lives, sometimes we are still affected where love, desire is concerned.

Same-sex relationship

Here we address topics related to LGBT, Queer and Homosexuality.

Explicit! Sextips & Tricks

Here you will find articles if you are not sure how to please your partner and how to enjoy yourself.


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