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Sometimes it is not so easy to know what to do about love, sex and relationships. Don’t worry, we will give you all the information you will need and what you can expect as you discover new things about your sex life.

The pros and cons of popular sex positions

Unless you have gone through all of the sex books that have ever been written, you possibly have some burning questions about the act of sex itself and how you can get the best out of it.

The history of Pornhub

In truth, Pornhub isn’t the most popular porn website. There are a lot of others which have been in existence before it. However, it is the largest porn website in the industry right now, and it is making some serious cash over its content.

How to know if you’re good in bed

A sign of a great sexual partner is that he or she is not embarrassed or scared to bring something new to the bedroom every now and then. It could be as simple as sex toys and new sexual acts or something more advanced like introducing a new partner or bringing kinky stuff like BDSM.

What you can learn from watching porn

A lot of people give porn a bad wrap. Whether it is about its impacts on the younger generation or how it makes people have sex, the jury continues to be out.

The biggest myths about sex

Like pretty much everything else that we humans engage in, sex is an activity that causes a lot of people to wonder. Whether it is through having sex or listening to accounts of those who have had it. We tend to ask ourselves questions about the activity and what it must feel like.

Some of the interesting ways to use a female condom

Putting in an internal or female condom can be a great way to set the mood. During the insertion process, rubbing the inner ring around your clitoris and vulva can add more to the arousal, which can be a turn on for you and your partner. Because the female condoms are made up of non-latex nitrile.

How watching porn can improve your sex life

There are some benefits that porn could have for your sex life that you need to know about. You never know; the key to transforming your time between the sheets could just lie in some PornHub video or more.

5 foods which can improve the performance of men in bed

Sex is a vital part of life, and everybody knows it very well. But, most of the couples go on the bed before sleeping and do sex for three to five minutes, and that’s the end. Is it exciting, sex? According to us, this act is the most boring one in life.

Foods that can prove helpful for females to increase their sex drive!

For thousands of years, humans have been looking for ways to improve their sexual experience. If you are also one of those who are looking for effective ways to increase your sex drive, then you are in the right place.

The best sex positions for pregnant ladies

Are you pregnant? Don’t worry about having sex during pregnancy as it is beneficial for pregnant women. Sex is a vital and important part of life; women who have sex and orgasms while pregnancy has benefits of increased cardiovascular blood flow, calming hormones and these benefits get passed to the baby also.

How to make use of condoms for having more fun?

Have you ever thought that you that increase your pleasure by using condoms? Don’t avoid condoms and risk a unintended pregnancy and STI transmission – read these simple ways by which you can make condom use sexier and more enjoyable for both of you.

How to increase the passion in your relationship

Touch each other frequently, even non-sexually. All touch gives birth to desire and releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin in your body. The hormone that connects people on an intimate level and creates stronger feelings of love.

Men – how to get the sex life you want!

Many men carry an unabated sense of not living fully sexually around with them, whether they have a partner or are single. To be honest both to yourself and to your partner – what do you feel that you are missing?

Non-bodily orgasms – of course they exist!

Not all orgasms are purely corporeal, that is, bodily. There are some odd, lesser-known types of orgasm, which are more about the brain and less about purely physical sexual stimulation.

Love your own body

Not being able to really enjoy sex is a common problem that many women face. It is connected to the pressure that many women face, the feeling of not being good enough, and difficulty achieving orgasm, which has always been one of the most common sexual problems for women of all ages.

The nasty truth about Gloryhole’s

Are you a kinky guy who enjoys watching Gloryhole porn? Do you jerk off to Gloryhole videos at the comfort of your house

How to have the best phone sex

Are you interested in learning how to have sexy phone sex? You are at the right place. Check out this article to learn a thing or two.

Some effective ways to improve your sex life

There are many of the special effective ways to improve your sex life. The sex is full of entertainment, love and full of enjoyment, which gives the best class fun without any of the compromises.

Some crazy facts about sex

The sexual union has many benefits for human health. The regular sex makes you healthier and is happy for a long time.

How do you know if you’re sexually compatible with someone?

One of the simplest and most important means of knowing that you’re sexually compatible with someone is to check if your sex drives match.

Some effective tips to bring the passion in your marriage

When you are together for a long time with your partner, then it is important to take steps to maintain the relationship. Some consistency can be perfect in the relationship, but when the variation from everyday routine then makes something more fun in life.

Some practical ways to Spice up Sex in Your Marriage!!

Love and sex are the roots of the married life. To keep the energy going, one needs to provide something exciting and new. A relationship develops in different stages even after the honeymoon is over.

Europe’s most famous nude beaches

Dress your clothes and visit one of Europe’s most famous nude beaches – the perfect holiday experience for many- If you still have to go down and swim in the sea on their vacation, why not choose a destination that has a classic nudist beach!

Erogene zones – The high gear to lust

The body is a complex system of organs and nerves, and while there are popular areas such as your vagina that easily arouse you, there are certain hotpots across your body that can also help you to feel excite.

The most awkward situations that can happen in bed

Sex should be fun, especially when both parties are into each other. However, at one point you might experience an awkward moment. It does not matter if you are dating the guy or it’s just a one-night stand.

8 male actors I would love to have sex with

Every now and then, we women have fantasies about celebrities. Not that we cheat on our men, but there are certain people we know that if given the opportunity, we might not be able to muster enough restraint to say no to.

10 ways to make your sex life work

Relationships are truly complex tings. There are a lot of things to consider, and you have to ensure that you make things work. Of all the facets of your relationship, however, sex is one of the most significant.

The best places where I have had sex

Monotonous sex can be boring, and the best way to kill a sex life is to have a boring one. So, my partner and I have made it a mission to always bring a bit of the unknown into our sex life.

Some Ideas for your Ultimate Sex bucket list

Most people have a bucket list packed with places they want to see, experiences they want to try, and goals they want to achieve. While these lists are all well and good, have you ever thought about creating a bucket list for your desires, your lust, and your wildest thoughts.

Ways to get excited before sex

Sexual intercourse is great. There is no doubt about that. The feeling of your body pressed against that of your partner is a form of solace in itself, and arousal can only make things better.

Latest Questions & Answers

I want to do Sex Act Live with Online Cams, should I?

“I want to enjoy the more dirty, erotic and interesting way for masturbation through online cams.”

Why do I get Premature ejaculation by the clitoris?

Are you also suffering from early and premature orgasm? It does not affect only the partner but also affects the sexual life of a couple.

I never had satisfying sex with my wife. Should I give up?

Many of the couples are not satisfied with each other in their sexual relationship. In common, people go on the bed before sleeping and do sex for three to five minutes and then go for sleeping.

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