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Provides a male perspective, explores and decyphers sex and sexual experiences through advice, reviews and links. A decorated veteran in the business. He worked on the first adult net magazine; the now-defunct, as well as a freelance contributor on the first Swedish AVN-award winning product: Private Pleasure Park II CD-Rom. Yes, you read that right, CD-Rom. You know he’s been around awhile when he worked with CD-Roms.

The pros and cons of popular sex positions

Unless you have gone through all of the sex books that have ever been written, you possibly have some burning questions about the act of sex itself and how you can get the best out of it.

The history of Pornhub

In truth, Pornhub isn’t the most popular porn website. There are a lot of others which have been in existence before it. However, it is the largest porn website in the industry right now, and it is making some serious cash over its content.

What you can learn from watching porn

A lot of people give porn a bad wrap. Whether it is about its impacts on the younger generation or how it makes people have sex, the jury continues to be out.

Europe’s most famous nude beaches

Dress your clothes and visit one of Europe’s most famous nude beaches – the perfect holiday experience for many- If you still have to go down and swim in the sea on their vacation, why not choose a destination that has a classic nudist beach!

Sex toys that gild your day

There are sex toys for all tastes and it is easy to find something from the links below. We promise that these stores will deliver a wonderful experience to you. Sex toys are the perfect tool to make your intimate moment a little more advanced.

Best sex positions for you and your partner

There are tons of different sex positions for you and your partner to try, and if you’re used to just one or two, it can be overwhelming to know how to do what’s new to you.

Some Ideas for your Ultimate Sex bucket list

Most people have a bucket list packed with places they want to see, experiences they want to try, and goals they want to achieve. While these lists are all well and good, have you ever thought about creating a bucket list for your desires, your lust, and your wildest thoughts.


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