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Sex Adviser
Has a hands-on approach to tips and tricks for exploring the world of better sex and relationship. She can capably address sexual issues and give insights into fully enjoyed sex from a woman’s perspective. We are proud to have her here.

Here is some of the Best Gay-friendly cities in the world

Just like their counterparts who are straight, gay couples deserve some fun. You should be able to go on vacation with the person you love and have a great time with them.

Some LGBT organizations you should know

As a member of the LGBT community, you should know that there are specific organizations who fight to ensure that your rights are respected, and your interests are prioritized.

Sex in the shower

When we think about the shower sex, the only thing that comes in mind that the slippery when wet is the shower floor. When anyone who’s had takes the shower sex in his real-life, you will probably tell you that’s an exciting moment for you and your partner.

How to tell if a woman is into you as a Lesbian

Is there a woman you like, but you are afraid to approach her because, well, you don’t know if she is a lesbian or into you? Bi or lesbian women don’t come onto you the way a man does. One of the challenges that lesbians face is the inability to tell if a woman is into them or just being friendly.

Meeting your same-sex partner’s parents for the first time

Meeting your boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for the first time could make you nervous even if your partner has reassured you that his or her parents will love you. Before you meet each other’s parents, ensure that your parents are well educated about homosexuality.

How to Plan Same-sex Wedding

Weddings are always beautiful occasions; it is about two people who love each other and have decided to stay with each other forever. No bride or groom will ever be the same. So, each wedding is unique; gay grooms, lesbian brides, or heterosexual bride and groom are all beautiful and unique.

Raising a child as a same-sex couple

It takes a lot of work, patience, dedication, and lots of love to raise a child. Your child will always need you, so you have to be there for them. Even when your children are teenagers or adults, they will need your help, support, or advice. So, raising a child is a lifelong duty.

Why it is a better world for Gays in terms of Sex than twenty years ago

Two decades ago, ‘homosexuality’ was a word that no one wanted to be associated with. Being a Homosexual was a taboo or crime in many countries.

In a Lesbian or Gay Relationship; Who Will Be The Wife?

In a heterosexual marriage, the woman is usually the wife, however, in some heterosexual relationships, the roles are reversed. Several Gay and Lesbian couples live their lives the way heterosexual couples do; they go to work, provide for their family, and love each other.

Why you shouldn’t rush with sex

To be honest there is no stereotyped way that governs just how you should have sex.

The pros & cons of anal sex

A lot of people shriek at the thought of having anal sex. Whether through conventional wisdom or just our imagination, any of us have been taught to view the activity as being wrong.

Managing smartphones and other devices in the bedroom

A lot of us can almost not go without our devices for long. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, and much more play an important role in our lives.

Dealing with erectile issues in your relationship

Your sexual health is very important. It determines a lot about your relationship, and it is important for you to always be in top shape. However, there are those who struggle with lasting between the sheets nonetheless.

Masturbation shamefulness: is it wrong to masturbate?

Everyone has an opinion on whether or not masturbation should be flagged for being wrong or whether it is completely fine. There are several perspectives in masturbation, from the religious to the scientific to the health-related.

How to have a good strategy for sex on Tinder

Tinder has one a lot to help people who want to hook up and have a good time with others.

The best places where I have had sex

Monotonous sex can be boring, and the best way to kill a sex life is to have a boring one. So, my partner and I have made it a mission to always bring a bit of the unknown into our sex life.

Working with a partner who isn’t as interested in sex as you are

Working with a partner who isn’t as interested in sex as you are Relationships are a journey, and just like any journey, there are ebbs and flows along the way. Whether it be sexual, financial, or emotional, issues will arise that will trend to threaten the stability of your relationship.

How to find a partner that is good at sex

How to find a partner that is good at sex give you concern? Are you concerned about how to find the right partner that is good at sex? Then you are on the right track?

Perfect match between love and sex, how to find it!

Have you been wondering about finding the perfect balance between love and sex? Have you been concerned about a possible way to find the right person that holds the balance between love and sex?


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