Here is some of the Best Gay-friendly cities in the world

By Alicia Goodspring

Just like their counterparts who are straight, gay couples deserve some fun. You should be able to go on vacation in some of the Best Gay-friendly cities in the world with the person you love and have a great time with them. Without having to worry about how people will look at you or whether they’ll judge you for having a different sexual orientation from them.

However, we should also understand that not every country is like that. There’s still some work to be done in the mission to ensure that the entire world accepts members of the LGBT community. Yet, while that work goes on, certain countries have been able to make some significant progress nonetheless.

So, if you’ll like to take your partner for a romantic getaway and not have to worry about anything, check out these lovely place

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands

There is hardly any way that the development of LGBT rights in the world can be mentioned without historians giving a little bit of an accolade to the Netherlands and their efforts. Amsterdam has been the former gay capital of Europe. In 2001, the entire country became the first to legalize gay marriage.

Known for its tolerance and acceptance of same-sex couples, the Netherlands celebrates diversity and fluidity like no other country. You can find several gay bars along the Reguliersdwarsstraat, and you can check out the Amstel Fifty Four for some awesome parties every week as well. In addition to that, there’s a student association called A.S.V. Gay, which looks out for the rights of gay students.

Berlin, Germany

Most people who have ever visited Berlin will be able to testify to the creativity and ingenuity of the people. Being gay was quite a huge deal back in the 20s, and Berlin has continued to be a special place for LGBT people till this day. The city has offerings for people of different interests, so whether you’re gay, a lesbian, a transgender person, or a bisexual person, you’ll find something that interests you here.

If you’re a fan of alcohol, make sure to check out bars such as SilverFuture in Neukölln and Facciola in Kreuzberg. Both are hotspots for LGBT tourists who love the party life, and you can also check out some awesome techno clubs if you want to find some fun at night. 

Berlin Pride- which is also known as Christopher Street Day– takes place every July.

Tel Aviv, Israel

For a lot of reasons, Tel Aviv is a fantastic city. Whether or not you’re fluent in Hebrew, this city is lovely for gay couples looking to get away and be around similar people. And why not? It has a beautiful landscape, a fascinating culture, and even great food. There are a lot of tourist attractions as well, so you can imagine just how glorious the entirety of Tel Aviv is.

It is even better if you’re visiting during Tel Aviv Pride. During Pride, you will find that the city is lined up with hay people from all backgrounds and walks of life. It’s a full parade every day and night, with people partying and marching entirely. Everything you could ever think of- community, colour, celebration, music, dancing, etc.

There’s even a beach there!

The city is safe and welcoming for people of the LGBT community who will like to just get away and be secure since it has pretty much everything that you could ever want about a tourist attraction and a welcoming environment towards gay people.

Brighton, U.K.

Brighton has got to be the most gay-friendly place in the U.K. The city has generated quite a lot of fuss over the years, and it’s quite easy to see why.

For one, Brighton is gorgeous. From the Lanes to the Old Pier, it’s just magic! You have your pick of accommodations, lounges, night clubs, and bars to pick from, so you will always have the basics of a great time- a place to stay, somewhere to grab a bite, and stuff to do.

Brighton also has a very open and accepting community, so don’t worry about hiding your sexual preferences. All in all, this is undoubtedly one haven for gay people that gay people will love.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina has shown a lot of progress when it comes to LGBT rights. The country legalized gay marriages in 2010, becoming the first country in Latin America to do so. You can even adopt a child there as a gay couple. Since 2012, Argentina has made it possible for people to change their legal gender as well. Also, cities such as Buenos Aires and Rosario have anti-discrimination laws in place. The country truly is welcoming. 

Of course, Buenos Aires has one of the best gay scenes on the continent. The city has its BADiversa week every August, where people of various sexual orientations can come out and celebrate their diversity. 

Buenos Aires also has excellent nightlife- it’s Latin America, so you can rest assured that they know how to party!

Guadalajara, Mexico

If you love a little of the Latino vibe, then Guadalajara is the place to be as a gay person. In this city, people of the same sex can show affection in public without fear of reproach or scrutiny. There is a plethora of night clubs, gay bars, and restaurants that will accept you.

Guadalajara also has its own pride event, and although theirs is pretty new, it has grown to become one of the most popular in Latin America. It takes place in June, and the attendance is always well over 5,000. You can also get easy access to the Pacific beach towns in the Banderas Bay, and even Puerto Vallarta.

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