The most common sexual fantasies

By Sara Fleming

Yes, The most common sexual fantasies can be different from reality in your mind. If you fulfil it, you will get infinite satisfaction, I bet.”

About 80 % of men and women have sexual fantasies in their minds. I think that half of the people go forward to clear their imaginations, and half of them use their fantasies in doing masturbating or fingering while thinking. Some of the fantasies can not be fulfilled as they are very hard to carry out.

Anyway, you must try to feel your fantasy in reality if it is possible. Remember, All fantasies are not socially and politically true. Sexual fantasies can increase the inner desire of masturbation as well as intercourse. Here, I will tell you about the favourite sexual fantasy of both males and females separately.

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The most common sexual fantasies of men

love”. Ahhh, somewhat different fantasy. He Mostly watches the videos of lesbians making love when he is with me.
Moreover, he expresses his fantasies with me like being masturbated by the partner and having anal sex. So, I did it happily to make him more satisfied.

When I searched more about the men’s dirty fantasies, then following top fantasies are:

  • Watching someone undress him
  • Being masturbated with an unknown person
  • Involve in sex with more than one women
  • Make love openly at a public place
  • Ejaculation on the partner
  • Licking on the tip of the penis
  • Sucking hard of penis and balls

I found that personally, men love to talk dirty when they are with partners.

They want to get involved in the BDMS talks and plays. Some like to attend the nude parties, munch and sex events.

Top Fantasies of women

Sexual Fantasies

“Sexual Fantasies are the imaginations of dirty, sinful and wild sexual activities in our minds.”

What do you want to feel? What do you love to do? What you have dirty in your imagination? Fantasies are the conclusion of all three questions. Personally, I like to do sex with different men at the same time. When I do sex with my boyfriend, it triggers me a lot, and I want more and more. After that, I feel that it is not enough. Then my fantasy dominates.

Then I start to imagine more persons with me. One is doing licking on my boobs, one is licking down in my legs, one is doing intercourse, and one is applying hands on my body. It triggers me to become more hot and hot. I do masturbate and will have successful and satisfactory sex with my boyfriend. But The actual fantasy in my mind to involve with multiple guys at the same time- I will it will be true. I will surely fulfil it in reality, not in imagination.

Dirty fantasies

I have talked to my very close friends, they shared their fantasies with me separately. I will tell you their fantasies:

My friend Ria told me, “My wildest and highest fantasy is being spit-roasted. I love to be penetrated both orally and vaginally by the two guys in a public place. I love the people watching me in the dirty and wild moments. This sinful moment, I want to feel. I had done dirty sex in a park publically in a corner side, but it was only one guy. But I felt a lot of pleasure. About seventy percent of my desired fantasy is fulfilled at that moment.”

Helina shared with me,” It took me on the moon when I imagine he is licking me and caressing me. When I am with my husband on the bed, he licks me soft and hard. He is caressing me many times. My fantasy is not more than that, and I am satisfied in my sex life”.

“Dirty fantasies can be a part of any person, Don’t think that it is not politically true. It’s your body, you can imagine freely, feel free and enjoy freely.”

I think,” I believe engaging your brain in sex with dirty talk is something that gives a feeling of extremely sexy.”

Other top rated fantasies are Doing sex video chats, doing the role play sex like doctor-nurse role play or teacher-student role-play, doing sex with prostitutes, using sex toys and same-gender sex. Moreover, BDMS talks can be the fantasy of some women.



The real truth behind the dirty fantasies is that they are not socially and politically true. But we have in our minds, we must fulfil them. They can prove you the more profound satisfactions, infinite pleasure and unforgettable moments.

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