The pros and cons of popular sex positions

By Chris Lawrence

Unless you have gone through all of the sex books that have ever been written, you possibly have some burning questions about the act of sex itself and how you can get the best out of it. Let us show you the pros and cons of the most popular sex positions.

Well, your ability to optimize sex depends largely on the position that you choose. There are quite a lot, and getting the best one that suits you and your partner can be confusing.

So here is The pros and cons of popular sex positions


So, here is a guide to the most popular ones


How it works: missionary is most likely the most popular sex position out there. You lay on your back, with your legs open. Your partner penetrates you from the top and continues to trust up and down. 

Pros: if you and your partner are new to sex, then doing this is not a bad choice at all. Both of you can kiss and make intimate eye contact, and you actually get to be gentle.

Cons: The con of this sex position is that it tends to get a bit monotonous after a while. None of you really makes any effort to reach higher satisfaction and pleasure levels, and it could get boring after a while.

Doggy Style

How it works: When you enter this territory, you are beginning to take things a bit deeper. In this style, you stand on all fours and your partner gets on his knees. He adjusts, then penetrates from behind you.

Pros: your partner enjoys a great view of both your butt and your vagina. Also, he can stimulate your clitoris how he likes; whether with his penis, his finger, or his tongue. 

Cons: Your partner will need to be careful not to go in too strong, or you could endure some pan.


How it works: To explore the possibility of you being on top, the cowgirl is a great way to start. Your partner stays on his back, while you squat over his penis and ride him!

Pros: For women who prefer vaginal orgasms, this is an optimal position. Your partner can also use his fingers to stimulate you pretty well, and you can switch from riding his penis to riding his face so he can give you some deep oral sex. 

All in all, women who love sexual domination will love this.

Cons: Your partner tends to be lazy because you do all of the work. So, if not done the right way, he could get bored with the position.

The 69

How it works: Just like the number looks. Both of you lay top to tail on either of your sides or on top of each other. Your mouth gets in contact with his pens, while his mouth works around your vagina.

Pros: This position is actually not the basic definition of sex. However, it is prime for the best levels of simultaneous arousal.

Cons: You might not be able to get this position mastered at once. You will need to focus on pleasuring your partner and yourself.

Magic Bullet

How it works: You get on the bed, lie face up, and put your legs in the air while your partner kneels at your back and holds your legs. Then, he penetrates.

Pros: The position also provides sensual movements, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Cons: This one can get tiring, so make sure to only do it if you can handle the physical strain.

Face To Face

How it works: You face each other. He sits on a chair, you climb on his lap. Then, join your legs behind him.

Pros: This position is generally great. Also, there is a higher probability of you and your partner achieving orgasm together

Cons: Pleasure builds up slowly in this position. So, if you don’t have the time, you might want to skip it.


How it works: We all know how to spoon. This is just spooning, with the extra touch of sex. Both of you lay facing the same side, while your partner penetrates you from behind.

Pros: The position proves space for relaxation. If you and your partner are comfortable and relaxed, it works rather well.

Cons: For those couples that want that speed and thrust, this might not work well.

The Scissors

How it works: Scissors is easy to achieve. Both of you face each other, your legs are over your partner, then he pulls you by your butt and penetrates you.

Pros: This position proves space for optimal intimacy. Since you and your partner are close, you can kiss and caress yourselves.

Cons: The position is easier said than one, and getting it right will take a bit.

The Galloping Horse

How it works: Get a chair. Your partner sits on it, while you straddle him and bump up and down.

Pros: You give your partner a great view, so he gets even more turned on. Also, you can rest assured that the penetration will be deep as well.

Cons: You will need to be a bit careful with the chair, and mastering the position will take a few tries.

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