How to know if you’re good in bed

By Tuva Novar

We all have sex (or at least, we will all have sex at some point). However, gauging your acumen in the bedroom is something that’s a tad difficult. Especially since you never really take stock after every encounter. Thankfully, it’s possible for you to do some introspection and score yourself.

Here are some signs you could look out for, How to know if you’re good in bed:

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You consider the needs of your partner as well

Well…  It’s all about: How to know if you’re good in bed

One thing we always hammer on is the fact that we humans are completely different. So, if you have sex with several people, you’ll come to find that each new sex partner comes with varying needs. And what worked for the last guy might not work with this new guy. To be truly adept, you will need to take time out to learn what feels good for each person. And a lot of the time, finding the right pleasure combo might take time.

Like a lot of things, having the best sex is something that requires some practice. You need to be patient and observing. You need to be committed to ensuring that your partner gets pleasure from the act as well. As you look inward and separate what went well from what might not have gone well, you become more of a pro.

You’re free with your sexual fantasies

Well…  It’s all about: How to know if you’re good in bed

It’s a little bit related to the fact of feeling confident in yourself, but it ca be elaborated on as well. We all have our sexual fantasies and kinks. And one of the hallmarks of being good in bed is being confident in your fantasies and sharing them with your partner.

It gets much easier when you’re sharing these sexual fantasies with a partner you’re comfortable with, but you really should be free regardless of who he is. If it’s a casual relationship or a long-term one. Talking about your sexual fantasies is a great way of opening tings up and embracing freedom. It allows you to be imaginative, and it enhances intimacy.

Want to know what’s even better? A person who’s good is bed never judges her partner for his sexual fantasies as well. You’ve got yours, and he’s got his. Be free, and don’t judge.


Your confidence is increasing

Well…  It’s all about: How to know if you’re good in bed

The entire process of being great in bed, like a lot of other things, will start with you actually believing that you’re great in bed. We’re all humans, and we all have our insecurities. However, if you truly want to improve in bed, then you will need to work on your confidence as well.

Simply believing that you’ve got this can go a long way in helping you stand firm in what you know how to do in bed and blow your partner’s mind away. When you begin to enter sexual experiences with your confidence levels intact, then you know that you’re becoming even better in bed.

You know that you can make him experience new heights of pleasure, and you’re eager to show him what you’ve got.

You enjoy every part of sex

Well…  It’s all about: How to know if you’re good in bed

There are those who love the quickie ad are completely great at it, but when it comes to getting an orgasm, you really don’t need to rush into anything. Orgasms are natural processes, and there’s a scope to things. You need to take your time and enjoy every step of the sex process. Those who are great at sex understand this very well.

When you become better at sex, you find that you’re never in a rush to have an orgasm, because you’re immersed in the entire process. Again, this is different when it’s a quickie because you both know that it’s a quickie and you need to get as much as you want from it.

However, when it comes to actual sex that you make time out for, you’ll find that as you get better, you respect the fact that this is a process, and you just enjoy it all; the flirting, the foreplay, the feeling of making him want you, undressing each other, the touches, everything that has to do with sex and getting you to the place of an orgasm.

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You’re fine with trying new things

Well…  It’s all about: How to know if you’re good in bed

If you have a relationship with someone and you’re sexually active, then you will both most likely have a sexual routine going on. This is fine, but you’ll know that you’re becoming better with sex when he introduces something and you’re open to trying them bringing something new is a great way to keep the spark in a relationship alive, and since you want to make the experience all the more better for him, you have no problem with giving something new a try.

Now, it’s also important to note that not every new thing will make it to the bed. However, there’s a way to make him know that you’re not so comfortable with it; at least be open to trying it out, and see where things go. Being dismissive is never a great way to approach such a problem.

At the end of the day, even people who have high levels of compatibility and chemistry get bored from time to time. A sign of a great sexual partner is that he or she is not embarrassed or scared to bring something new to the bedroom every now and then. It could be as simple as sex toys and new sexual acts or something more advanced like introducing a new partner or bringing kinky stuff like BDSM. As you’re open to bringing new things into the bedroom, you provide heightened pleasure for your partner as well.

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