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The most common sexual fantasies

About 80 % of the men and the women have dirty fantasies in their minds. I think that half of the people go forward to clear their imaginations, and half of them use their fantasies in doing masturbating or fingering while thinking.

How men over 40 want sex

On the surface, they live in long-term relationships and mostly shrug when the issue of a sex life comes up. But in confidential conversations, they reveal their innermost dreams: sex with several people, sex with men, and they’d like a hot affair with an attractive colleague.

Orgasm ER

The female orgasm can seem as sneaky as it is unpredictable. In fact, it can be really elusive. Difficulties with the orgasm are not about not having orgasms, they can also be a question of not getting the sort of orgasms you want.

Sex toys are the perfect tools to perfect your intimate moment.

Have a raunchy night in with these adult games designed to entice and arouse!
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Latest Articles

Things you should know about breakup sex

I’ve dumped guys, and I’ve been dumped by guys, and while I used to process the entire emotion by engaging in a random hook up while I was younger, I also had my share of breakup sex.

Important facts you didn’t know about STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are never significant. Even the slightest can hurt you like crazy, and the fact that you have to deal with these causes a type of stigma that you will always carry with you.

How do I come out as gay to my friends and family?

When you first find out that you’re gay, there are a lot of emotions that you get. The first one is usually relief at knowing that you’re now finally comfortable with yourself. Then, you begin to worry about how to break the news to your family, friends, and close colleagues.

What every Girl wants from her Boyfriend

Each woman has some needs and when she is in her bedroom she can become a sexy vixen or a stifling siren. However, it is not a one-sided game every girl wants her man to do a few things for her especially in bed.

Enjoy mutual masturbation while chatting

The idea of doing the masturbating in front of someone else on the chat or in front of them, but it can be easily understood be a little bit daunting. Masturbating can make you feel vulnerable, and it may even sometime a bit silly or a shameful full act also. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of this.

Here is some of the Best Gay-friendly cities in the world

Just like their counterparts who are straight, gay couples deserve some fun. You should be able to go on vacation with the person you love and have a great time with them.

Some LGBT organizations you should know

As a member of the LGBT community, you should know that there are specific organizations who fight to ensure that your rights are respected, and your interests are prioritized.

Tips for Food That Can Avoid Pregnancy

Today, all couples want their babies with proper planning after both are ready for it. Many of the women take contraceptive pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Your brain effects of sex!

Having sex is not only a sure way to feel closer to your partner. Enjoy some time connecting with your own body, but sex has some pretty powerful benefits for your mental health too.

The guide of the taboo fetish – Cuckold relationship

Have you have heard stories about cuckolds but don’t have much information about it? Here is a brief on the taboo fetish. Cuckold is a fetish in which a man, commonly referred to as the cuckold watches his wife fucking or being fucked by another man.

The pros and cons of popular sex positions

Unless you have gone through all of the sex books that have ever been written, you possibly have some burning questions about the act of sex itself and how you can get the best out of it.

The history of Pornhub

In truth, Pornhub isn’t the most popular porn website. There are a lot of others which have been in existence before it. However, it is the largest porn website in the industry right now, and it is making some serious cash over its content.

How to know if you’re good in bed

A sign of a great sexual partner is that he or she is not embarrassed or scared to bring something new to the bedroom every now and then. It could be as simple as sex toys and new sexual acts or something more advanced like introducing a new partner or bringing kinky stuff like BDSM.

The most common sexual fantasies

About 80 % of the men and the women have dirty fantasies in their minds. I think that half of the people go forward to clear their imaginations, and half of them use their fantasies in doing masturbating or fingering while thinking.

What you can learn from watching porn

A lot of people give porn a bad wrap. Whether it is about its impacts on the younger generation or how it makes people have sex, the jury continues to be out.
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I want to do Sex Act Live with Online Cams, should I?

“I want to enjoy the more dirty, erotic and interesting way for masturbation through online cams.”

Why do I get Premature ejaculation by the clitoris?

Are you also suffering from early and premature orgasm? It does not affect only the partner but also affects the sexual life of a couple.

I never had satisfying sex with my wife. Should I give up?

Many of the couples are not satisfied with each other in their sexual relationship. In common, people go on the bed before sleeping and do sex for three to five minutes and then go for sleeping.

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Get an inspiring and better sex life … What can’t be better in one’s sex life than adult toys!


Are you wondering about anatomy, sexual activity or what safe sex is? We have the answers.


What are you looking for? Is it a partner for life, a magic flirt or just a fling?


We explain what you can do about it and how to make sure it doesn’t affect your sex-life.


Sometimes it is not so easy to know what to do about love, sex and relationships.

Love & Culture

Sexual cultures are as varied and rich in differences as other cultures.


No matter how we live our lives, sometimes we are still affected where love, desire is concerned.

Same-sex relationship

Here we address topics related to LGBT, Queer and Homosexuality.

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